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Ralph Stuck Lumber & Millworks

We’re a family-owned business located in Central Pennsylvania, that specializes in custom hardwood floors.

We also offer other various interior related, custom wood products such as, custom stair treads and risers, moldings, or posts and handrails. We are happy to help you, because customer service is a priority at RSL.


Our flooring is available in a variety of species native to Pennsylvania such as Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Ash, or Pine to name a few. Curly and Figured hardwoods are also available for your custom borders.


Nobody can offer you more in the line of experience from the forest to your home. We hand pick the material to create your custom floor. Ralph Stuck Lumber & Millworks, is located in Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania.


We can create your floor for a competitive price, because we eliminate the middle man. We go directly from our dry kilns to the manufacturing shop, located on the grounds of Ralph Stuck Lumber.


Whether it is the lumber or the precision machinery we use to create your floors, our experience offers you the highest possible quality anywhere.

Ralph Stuck Lumber & Millworks, is approximately 50 miles north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


Our design department and flooring specialists, are ready to help you create the uniquely beautiful and exciting wood floor of your dreams.


Enjoy exploring the Ralph Stuck Lumber & Millworks web site. Thank you.


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