At Ralph Stuck Lumber & Millworks we believe in the natural beauty of real wood and quality craftsmanship. Our years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the wood and flooring industry, is what enables us to create the wooden floor of your dreams.

We offer what is needed to complete your remodeling project or for your newly constructed home or building endeavors.

We also offer other various interior related, custom wood products such as, custom stair treads and risers, moldings, or posts and handrails. Feel free to contact us about any needs or questions, that you may have. [Inquires]

Our crafted interior wood projects are available in a variety of species native to Pennsylvania such as Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Ash, or Pine to name a few. Curly and Figured hardwoods are also available for custom borders.


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Wrap Around Design 45º Miters Custom Rails, Risers and Stairs Photo Custom Stairs and Risers Photo
Custom Wrap Around Flooring Wrap Around Design 45º Miters Custom Rails, Risers, & Stairs Custom Stairs & Risers
Custom Border Floor Accents Photo Custom Dining Room Floor Photo
Custom Top Landing & Rails Custom Living Room Flooring Custom Border Floor Accents Custom Dining Room Floor
Custom Bottom Floor Landing Photo Custom Renovation Flooring for a 200 year old farm house. Photo 1 Custom Renovation Flooring for a 200 year old farm house. Photo 2 Custom Work In Progress Photo
Custom Bottom Floor Landing Custom Renovation Flooring Pic1 Custom Renovation Floor Pic2 Custom Work In Progress
Custom Wooden Flooring Photo Black Walnut Flooring
Black Walnut Flooring 2
Custom Wooden Flooring This is a beautiful dining room floor created with random width black walnut flooring.   The owner wanted a rich, old world feeling for their renovated dining room. This hallway floor is an extension of the black walnut dining room floor.  The owner wanted to extend the old world atmosphere throughout his home.
Custom Chair Rail 
Chair Rail created by our customer using 3 pieces of molding scribed together
Crown Moulding 
Crown Molding used to create ceiling panels
Case Moulding 
Case Molding used for window treatment